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Bar Melodie is located in the hearth of Veliko Tarnovo city, it has 60 seats, air-conditioning system, wi-fi connection, pleasant music and atmosphere of a genuine bar.

The bar during the day

Cozy place to meet friends or to do some work on your laptop!
Try our aromatic coffees, enjoyable cocktails, fresh freshly-squeezed juices, frapped coffees or other quality beverages!
Listen to music and relax!
Cheer up with our kind service!
Hide from the heat or get warm during the cold days!

                                                                                     We work with pleasure for you!



The bar at night

Artistic background, discreet lighting, pleasant music, excellent service- this is your place to celebrate with friends, to meet the people, that make you happy or just to relax over a nice drink!!!








MONDAY-SUNDAY 18:00 – 02:00